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Copper Lighting Company

Copper Lighting Company, Inc

Copper Lighting Company, Inc. has been making quality gas and electric lighting since 1992. We are committed to making the highest quality copper outdoor lighting in the industry. We carry over 50 different styles of lights in stock. Each light is handcrafted in the United States using traditional methods of soldering each hand bent copper piece together. We strive to ship a high quality product in a timely manner. Our lights are also some of the most energy efficient gas lights on the market. We will consider custom work and we have patterns for many additional lanterns not pictured here...


Item No. CH-10

Some of the most popular lanterns made across the South during the 1800s.

Item No. T-31

Based on lanterns seen in Charleston since before the Civil War. Very popular

Item No. CH-25

From Charleston to New Orleans the glow from these lanterns lit streets, homes, and shops.


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