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Copper Lighting Company

Copper Lighting Company, Inc

A little about us...

In the spring of 1992, my husband John and I were looking through the remaining stock of a local lighting factory that was closing. Among the outdated 1980s wagon wheel type fixtures and wooden hanging fixtures, were what appeared to be antique copper street lights. Inquiring we learned that these were lanterns that the company had made for at least 40 years. They had been sold through a small shop off the market in Charleston to local people that needed replacements or new fixtures for their historic homes. We were so struck with the character of the lights that we knew there had to be a wider market. So, after some negotiation, and with the help of a 76 year old master coppersmith, who was an employee of the closing factory, Copper Lighting Company was formed.

From this beginning with no advertising and until recently almost no catalog, we have enjoyed steady growth. Our strategy has been to find the best lighting showrooms in an area and then provide them with the highest quality products available.

Today with this website we are making our first attempt at introducing our products to the public and then to direct those with interest to the fine showrooms that sell our product.

Thank you for taking time to review our line, and we would be proud to provide an authentic American made lantern for your home..

Vicky Henderson

Our Address

903 Poplar Street
PO Box 4685
Cayce, SC 29171

Phone: (803) 926-0001
Fax: (803) 796-7739

Hours: 7:30am - 4:45pm (M-T)  /  7:30am - 12:30pm (F)

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